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Renew Your Mind With Faith Triggers
“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”
~ Saint Augustine
Do You Want To Walk In Miracles, Signs And Wonders?

If you do, now is the time to discover how to renew your mind to:

  • Hear the voice of God, and know His will
  • Become free from your past hurts, and walk in the joy of the Lord
  • Grow in faith, and in miracles, signs and wonders

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Daniel Kondratyuk's Testimony - Discovering Relationship With GodI met Daniel Kondratyuk in Kansas City, MO after an Immerse program, and he shared with me how discovering relationship with God changed his life.

Daniel shared many of his ups-and-downs in life with me, and how much this new perspective has helped him overcome them.

Some people don’t realize just how much God wants to be involved in our daily lives, and they miss out on the adventure of discovering God.

I’m excited to share with you Daniel’s powerful testimony of transformation.

Click Here To Watch This Testimony!


Healing Testimonies: July and August 2016

Healing Testimonies - July and August 2016I’ve partnered with several people in the last couple months to disciple others on how to heal in Jesus’ Mighty Name, and you’ll discover what happened.

One time we visited a friend’s house and got to see several healings, and one lady got radically healed by Jesus Christ.

Another time my friends and I went to a hotel and prayed for some of the workers there… but the stories don’t end there.

We went on several adventures and I’m going to share with you what happened to so many people. I Want To Hear The Healing Testimonies!


Healing Testimonies: May and June 2016

Healing Testimonies - May and June 2016Have you ever wanted to step out in faith, but didn’t talk to the person?

Would you like to change someone’s life forever by praying for healing in Jesus’ Name, and seeing their problem go away?

Here I’ll share a few healing testimonies that have happened, just this past May and June, and share what happened when I took out some friends of mine to the streets to pray for the sick in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Click to Continue…


Healing Testimonies: April 2016

Healing Testimonies - April 2016Have you ever struggled with praying for the sick and seeing them healed in Jesus’ Name?

Do you love hearing about healing testimonies or ever wanted a healing testimony of your own?

Here I’ll share a few healing testimonies that have happened, just this past April, with scriptures to help inspire you, and encourage you in your faith in Jesus Christ as our Healer. I Want To Watch The Healing Testimonies


How Your Denomination's Mindset Can Ruin Your Identity in Christ - PicYou might not know this, but your denomination’s mindset could negatively affect your identity in Christ.

I didn’t know it, but I had been believing lies that had crept into the church.

Unfortunately, these lies took a toll on my identity in Christ, and it negatively affected my faith and the people around me.

It turned out that how my denomination did things produced a mindset that hindered my Spiritual growth.

How was I to know that I was believing a lie?

Shouldn’t the pastor be preaching the truth 100% of the time?

Well, that’s what I thought should happen, but as it turns out the root of the issue goes much deeper, and I’m going to help you get free from it.

Help Me Get Free!